Pray for a love

Like my Pancakes I wanna answer questions. *giggle* SO PLEASE ASK. IM BEGGING. I will answer any question you like and as many as you like. I know im not that interestin but please help my out here. My dearest sweetkins (Pancakes) already started me off. But do help PLEEEASEEEEEE?
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swirling and brand new

EEEE! im very happy. Today i got up and i was SOOSO tired and FOR ONCE mother let me stay home. I slept til 11 and woke up with no clouds around my head. The sky was clear. Sigh <33

I got dressed. Wasted alot of precious time filling out sat and act forms and homework. And now ive been drawing for polly. Days off are so luffleh. oh btw. MY bday is in 8 days including today. lol i just realized that.

Yesterday mom and i went to summa to see some of my artwork on display. yuck, it was the squash ones. lol.

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Nothing could prepare me for this

I can only close my eyes and listen
Listen to quiet melodies
the soft dreams played out on paper

All the roads lead to the same place.
Just take away the sound.
So i can only hear the quiet night chimes.

Its a dark hallway. Lit only with darkness.
Without a hint of silver.

Im looking up
But all i can see is the grey sky

I am an empty boat
On an empty sea.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST LITTLE POLLY PANCAKES. It is her birthday over there. not here yet but ill forget by tommorow so im covering myself. Shall a make you a ferguson cake? OR just and alfonzo super special?! <33333


I feel like giving up web design because of today. I mean there wouldnt make much of a difference in the internet world. oh well.

All of my work had been in vain.

Today....i was VERY TIRED. i spent lunch in the library which i really luff to do now. I luff the silence. plus i dont eat. We finished the cruicible. I truly luff that play. But i forgot i also finished the bell jar and i have started on white oleander. im so sick of psych. Its horrible. I drew an umbrella today for polly <3. i also attempted at making and icon for her. it sucks, like all my things. Im sinking in a pit of self loathing

oh and a pleasant suprize. I read one of my old poems and it wasnt as horrid as i thought. :D i actually kinda like it.
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